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"I really loved the show, what a wonderful weekend!" -Charles martinet, voice of mario

"This was a fantastic con. Flawless victory!" -Master Daniel Pesina, Actor, Mortal kombat co-creator & martial Artist 

"Thank you so much for hosting us in syracuse. we had a great time and were impressed with your show." -Activision co-founder david crane & atari programmer garry kitchen

"Friendly people and accommodating staff. one of the best conventions i have attended." -John Riggs, YouTuber

"It was a great event. thanks for your hospitality." -Norman Caruso, the gaming historian

"We always have a good time at retrogamecon." -James Rolfe, The Angry Video Game Nerd

"We had an amazing time. The show was a great success." -david hayter, actor/director & voice of solid snake

rgc by the numbers
100,000     sq ft of Event Space
11       years RUNNING
200+      vendor tables
100+    exhibitors & Vendors
10k+        Attendees
   #1 Biggest Game Event in NY!

High-Res Assets

IMPORTANT: do not alter or add effects to any RGC logos or photos without express written permission OF RETROGAMECON.

media Contact
patrick milligan

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